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    Thanks to highly skilled management and development teams we are capable of creating anything that you currently require. Starting from mobile applications for information purposes, through industrial programs aimed for broader audience.

    We can also offer you services of trained professionals like electronics servicemen or system and server administrators.
  • Web applications are perfect for environments requiring simultaneous work of many people from the level of various devices. Because of their placement in the web cloud, they are able to function and perform their tasks independently without the need for supervision. They are ideal for business management systems. At the client's request, our projects may include an in-company communicator, a project management tool and a tool for tracking their progress. We ensure full security of user data.
  • Regardless of whether you need a tailor-made solution for your business or you want to create your own product - working with us, we will support you in the design and specification phase and together we will go through the MVP and finally Release phases.
    We primarily create multi-platform solutions, available from many different devices. We are also able to focus on the selected platform.
  • We support our clients by creating personalized applications that extend the possibilities and ranges of websites, online stores and web applications. In cooperation with a professional development studio, we help in creating and porting games for Android and iOS devices.
  • We will make sure that your products are visible and presented in a way that simplifies the shopping path as much as possible and minimizes the percentage of 'abandoned baskets'. We use the latest technological solutions that significantly facilitate business in the e-commerce industry - both on the part of the consumer and the seller.
  • Websites created by Recodeit are modern and functional, and at the same time fully responsive. The possibility of complete personalization allows you to stay consistent with your brand image. Pages are optimized in terms of the requirements of leading search engines, which definitely helps in effective positioning.



Redio - Restreaming platform

It allows you to receive and redirect multiple RTMP / RTSP video streams to selected channels and pages on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform, with minimal delay.

Thanks to the calendar module, it is possible to plan and automatically start / stop the transmission to a given platform and from a specific source, while securing against conflicts.

An extensive system of roles allows a large team to work on separate tasks simultaneously.


Dyktanda.pl - Educational platform

Dyktanda.pl allows users to solve dictations, track their learning progress, participate in numerous types of contests with prizes and compete with each other in rankings. It also implements solutions supporting the teaching of the Polish language in schools, as well as supervising the child's learning by parents.

Since July 2020, when work on the updated version of the platform has been completed, it is constantly being developed and enriched with additional functions. A very strong emphasis was placed on the automation of activities - incl. generating links in the content of essays, verifying the level of plagiarization of essays or selecting recommended links. A mobile application was also created.

The platform is very popular - it has many users and you can regularly observe very high traffic on it. Despite the use of the latest technology, it maintains high positions in search results.

Callab - Office communicator

An application that allows not only classic audiovisual and text communication in a team, but also the simulation of office conditions. It allows you to recreate the office plan on a map with virtual rooms of the indicated departments and teams. Users can additionally navigate their avatars and interact with other users. It is also possible to organize conferences for up to 50 users simultaneously.

The application does not require an expensive server for transmission processing - the whole is based on peer-to-peer technologies, connecting users with each other directly.

The application will be available on desktops, mobile devices and the Internet.

Termo-Fol - Cloud CAD software

Application for designing heating installations for a company dealing with modern and energy-efficient underfloor heating.

It allows the building plan to be supplemented with appropriate supplies needed for the implementation of a specific order, e.g. heating mats and foils, wires and thermostats.

Since the original application was completed in September 2019, it has been constantly developed. The possibility of generating offers by the contractor's traders has been added and the possibilities of creating plans have been added.

The application has been moved to the cloud and made available on the Internet. At the same time, it was expanded with a CRM system for the contractor's employees, project management, the appearance of the application was refreshed, user, role and department systems were introduced, as well as current product price lists depending on the region.

XVR Project System - Interactive website

Website presenting the XVR project. It was designed and created maintaining a very characteristic, futuristic style.

Thanks to the use of the latest and most visually attractive technologies, it was possible to create, among others proprietary 360 video player with the option to run on virtual reality devices, advanced particle effects, galaxy visualization and distinctive animated galleries.

As part of the development, the website was expanded with a newsletter and multi-language support.

PSONI - Association management system

The aim behind the creation of the system was to centralize the association's data, as well as to standardize the information flow between the various circles.

The system stores all the necessary data about clubs, members and institutions. It allows for automatic calculation of membership fees and registration of payments. It has an extensive internal communicator modeled on e-mail messages. It is possible to create templates for annual reports for circles, as well as to supplement them by circles and aggregate data directly in the system. Using the wizard, it is possible to create a registration form for a specific event, as well as generate lists of participants and certificates of participation according to the submitted documents. Full document circulation was possible. The advanced system of roles allows for precise delineation of the possibilities of system users. In addition, the website has been expanded with a night mode, which makes it easier to use it for a longer period of time.

The built-in API is used by the association's websites to download up-to-date statistics related to the association.

Dawid Kwiatkowski Tour - Landing page

A dedicated website presenting all the necessary information about the upcoming concert tour of a young, famous artist, Dawid Kwiatkowski. It was designed by our graphic designers. The site has been enriched with distinctive, characteristic animations and a countdown timer to the start of the route.

As part of cooperation with DB4 Management, we also prepared advertisements that were used to popularize the route on the largest Polish platforms.

  • Asmodev - Website

    In this realization for a video game development company, we created a website, that resemples the design and climate of the contractor's universe perfectly. It is available in two languages.
    Website informs the user about products offered by the company, makes contact easier through the usage of forms, and allows to find all information about company very quickly. Modern programming libraries were used during the creation process, which enabled us to make smooth transitions between pages and applied smooth animations. A lot of graphic elements were hand-drawn to keep the comic book style.

    DB4 Management - Website

    Website for well-known and prized artistic agency, managing great Polish artists such as Dawid Kwiatkowski and Maciej Musiał.
    It was created according to guidelines, visual identity and individual client's vision.
    It allows for easy and simple contact with potential clients through implemented contact form. Website is editable, which enables the client to change all content and graphics on his own if needed.

    Wiktormed - Website modernization

    In case of this realization for physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation establishment we ventured to do thorough modernization of existing website. Main changes included:

    • reconstruction of website with Wordpress CMS
    • enablement of editing all articles and photos on website
    • change of color scheme and styling
    • modification of sections and pages
    • fixing responsiveness
    • providing access in English
    • update of information, link profiling and optimizing website for SEO process.
    Gaming Factory - Changes in website

    This job, commissioned by the company working in the field of computer games, consisted of making changes on the company's website.
    According to contractor's request, we made modifications in design and functionality by i.a. adding option of posting new types of content, adding new tabs, pages and sections, filling in information and local improvements of responsiveness.

    Blackrose Projects - Website modernization

    As part of this order, we undertook the creation of a new, refreshed version of the website for our regular contractors and associates from the company dealing in porting computer and mobile games to consoles, Blackrose Projects.
    On the new website one can see, among others:

    • new graphic design prepared by our graphic designers,
    • and additional subpages related to news and completed projects.
    Individual client - Online database

    The order invloved the visual refreshment of a database browser, meant for storing information about safe Internet browsing for people with mental disabilities, as well as adding functionality to the admin panel.
    In order to make the browser more interactive and fluid, we used the advanced and modern LitElement library.
    Changes implemented by our company made the browser more responsive and visually attractive. It also received a clear, easy to navigate UI. It allows for displaying, searching for, sorting and filtering of the rules of safe Internet browsing. It is available in many different languages, which can be changed without the need to refresh the page.

    Petslover - Nutrition calculator

    The order involved the creation of specialized nutrition calculator as a web form available on the website of caring animal dietician.
    Solutions implemented by our company allow for preparation of a complete nutrition plan based on BARF diet principles, suggestions of foods and supplements for proper planning and generation of a complete plan in .pdf format.
    Additionally, within an admin panel the client can not only manage the ingredients and foods database but also manually pick users who may have access to the calculator.

    Alexander Kaal Transporte - Website

    Landing-page website for a land transport company, created based on the needs, individual vision and requirements of the clients.
    It informs about their services and enables quick and easy communication by the form.
    The Night Mode is an unusual and interesting addition - it allows the viewers of the website to choose the style of displaying content which they like better, depending on their preferences and time of day.

    NN Audio - Website

    Website for a local audio producting and recording company.
    It informs about their services and enables direct contact via multiple specific forms.
    It also makes scheduling appointments possible thanks to the integration of Callendly services.

    Dyktanda.pl - Mobile App

    The next stage of work on the Dyktanda.pl platform was the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS. They provide functionalities identical to the website, so they allow you to set up an account on the website, solve dictations, take part in competitions and track the progress in relation to other users.

    PSONI - Website template

    Website template intended for use by PSONI circles.

    During the implementation of this order, we dealt with the creation of a website fully compliant with the accessibility rules of WCAG 2.1 AA. It has implemented such amenities as: font enlargement, contrasting version of the page or ETR mode (easy-to-read, intended for people with intellectual disabilities). The site was based on the WordPress system and our graphic design.

    Using a template, you can add information about PSONI circles, news, many materials and publications, as well as an interactive map on the pages.

    Polskie Centrum Samochodowe - E-commerce platform

    Online shopping platform for a car service provider, automotive shop and oil wholesaler.
    It provides a detailed description of provided services. The implementation of personalized product search tool allows it's users for selection of the best motor oil meant for the specified car. The site also integrates Przelewy24 payment method and enables ordering through InPost services.

    Blackrose Projects - Website

    A website for a company dedicated to creating and porting computer and console games, available in two languages. Informs about services, achievements and job vacancies. It facilitates the efficient recruitment of new employees by using appropriate forms.



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