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    Websites developed by ReCodeIT are modern, transparent, functional and fully responsive. Their complete personalization allows staying consistent with image of your company and drawing viewer's attention. They are also built in a way that makes positioning in leading search engines simple, which is undeniably helpful in building up high position in search results.
    We can also create websites based on one of our templates.
  • We can assure you that your products will be highlighted and presented as best as possible, so that clients will not have any doubts when making the final purchase decision. ReCodeIT uses the newest, tried and tested technological solutions that dramatically decrease the difficulties of running an e-commerce business.
  • Web apps are ideal business management systems. They can implement a private instant messenger for you and your employees, or provide an easy project management tool that would allow assigning and reassinging employees to specific tasks. They could also fetch data from the Internet, social media or available databases in real-time, while also keeping your data safe and secure.
  • Regardless of whether you need a mobile app that would extend the reach, functionality and capabilities of your website, online store or web app, that could gather and present the data from various sources, or even a new mobile game, designed and developed with professional game development studio for Android and iOS devices - ReCodeIT is willing and ready to help.
  • Either if you do not have your own IT department and want to realize an innovative project, or you are not not sure how long will it take to find reliable IT specialists, this offer will meet your interest.
    Thanks to highly skilled management and development teams we are capable of creating anything that you currently require. Starting from mobile applications for information purposes, through industrial programs aimed for broader audience. We can also offer you services of trained professionals like electronics servicemen or system and server administrators.



Asmodev - Website

In this realization for a video game development company, we created a website, that resemples the design and climate of the contractor's universe perfectly. It is available in two languages.
Website informs the user about products offered by the company, makes contact easier through the usage of forms, and allows to find all information about company very quickly. Modern programming libraries were used during the creation process, which enabled us to make smooth transitions between pages and applied smooth animations. A lot of graphic elements were hand-drawn to keep the comic book style.

Termo-Fol - Termo-Fol Designer

Furthering our collaboration with our regular contractor, we created a new extension of functionality for already created desktop aplication, main aim of which is to design heating systems.
We implemented new features i.a.

  • option of adding new elements to the final report, which were not added on plan during the design process
  • extending feature of drawing heating mats, which now fills the given area with proper models of mats.

Gaming Factory - Changes in website

This job, commissioned by the company working in the field of computer games, consisted of making changes on the company's website.
According to contractor's request, we made modifications in design and functionality by i.a. adding option of posting new types of content, adding new tabs, pages and sections, filling in information and local improvements of responsiveness.

DB4 Management - Website

Website for well-known and prized artistic agency, managing great Polish artists such as Dawid Kwiatkowski and Maciej Musiał.
It was created according to guidelines, visual identity and individual client's vision.
It allows for easy and simple contact with potential clients through implemented contact form. Website is editable, which enables the client to change all content and graphics on his own if needed.

Wiktormed - Website modernization

In case of this realization for physiotherapeutic and rehabilitation establishment we ventured to do thorough modernization of existing website. Main changes included:

  • reconstruction of website with Wordpress CMS
  • enablement of editing all articles and photos on website
  • change of color scheme and styling
  • modification of sections and pages
  • fixing responsiveness
  • providing access in English
  • update of information, link profiling and optimizing website for SEO process.
Individual client - Online database

The order invloved the visual refreshment of a database browser, meant for storing information about safe Internet browsing for people with mental disabilities, as well as adding functionality to the admin panel.
In order to make the browser more interactive and fluid, we used the advanced and modern LitElement library.
Changes implemented by our company made the browser more responsive and visually attractive. It also received a clear, easy to navigate UI. It allows for displaying, searching for, sorting and filtering of the rules of safe Internet browsing. It is available in many different languages, which can be changed without the need to refresh the page.

Petslover - Nutrition calculator

The order involved the creation of specialized nutrition calculator as a web form available on the website of caring animal dietician.
Solutions implemented by our company allow for preparation of a complete nutrition plan based on BARF diet principles, suggestions of foods and supplements for proper planning and generation of a complete plan in .pdf format.
Additionally, within an admin panel the client can not only manage the ingredients and foods database but also manually pick users who may have access to the calculator.

Alexander Kaal Transporte - Website

Landing-page website for a land transport company, created based on the needs, individual vision and requirements of the clients.
It informs about their services and enables quick and easy communication by the form.
The Night Mode is an unusual and interesting addition - it allows the viewers of the website to choose the style of displaying content which they like better, depending on their preferences and time of day.

Termo-Fol - Termo-Fol Designer

Through further cooperation, after coming up with new ideas for improvement of the previously created CAD app, new features were added:

  • generation of personalized business offers and pricing details, which significantly shortens the time needed to inform interested clients about the specifics of the deal,
  • drawing thermal insulation pieces on the floor plan.

NN Audio - Website

Website for a local audio producting and recording company.
It informs about their services and enables direct contact via multiple specific forms.
It also makes scheduling appointments possible thanks to the integration of Callendly services.

Termo-Fol - Termo-Fol Designer

Computer Assisted Design program meant for heating installation design for a group that specializes in modern energy-saving floor heating solutions.
It allows it's users to fill the floor plan of any building with devices needed for order completion, such as heating mats and foils, wires and thermostats.

Polskie Centrum Samochodowe - E-commerce platform

Online shopping platform for a car service provider, automotive shop and oil wholesaler.
It provides a detailed description of provided services. The implementation of personalized product search tool allows it's users for selection of the best motor oil meant for the specified car. The site also integrates Przelewy24 payment method and enables ordering through InPost services.

Blackrose Projects - Website

Website for a game development company that also ports video games to consoles. It is available in two different languages.
It informs about their services, achievements and their positions to fill. By implementing specific forms it makes recrutation a breeze.



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